1983 – 1986 Apprenticeship as woodwind instrument maker at the saxophone manufacturer Julius Keilwerth in Nauheim
1986 – 1990 Specialisation on saxophone manufacture, production of keyworks, final assembly and repairs at Julius Keilwerth
1990 – 1993 Repair, Customising and traditional manufacture of bassoons, with Wilhelm Heckel, Wiesbaden
1993 – 1994 Studies at Fachschule für Instrumentenbau (professional school for musical instrument manufacture) in Ludwigsburg

Master craftsman’s certificate with gold medal for outstanding accomplishments

1995 – 1996 Specialisation on flute manufacture
Workshop and repair manager at ALL FLUTES PLUS in London
Participation at sales exhibitions in various European countries

Participation at Straubinger padding course in Paris

1996 – 1998 Specialisation on oboe manufacture
Repair, manufacture, final assembly and tuning of oboes at Howarth of London in Worthing and London
since 1998 Leading my own master workshop for woodwind instruments in Nauheim
since 2009 Leading an affiliation in Vienna